Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Figured It Out

Last spring I had a diagnosis on my foot and the surgery was too extreme for me to do right then. Yesterday, when I was talking about volunteering at a therapeutic riding program for a couple of summers, I suddenly realized why it was my left foot, which I thought was injury free, that is so smushed. I was a sidewalker and the guy riding was a young adult who had been hit head on by a truck as he was riding a motorcycle and his recovery was unexpected. Riding therapy was helping him regain some physical abilities. As I stood ready to help him off the horse, he simply slid?fell from the horse onto my left arch with the full force of his 200lbs. Ouch. As I was retelling this story, I suddenly understood the damage in my left foot. Oh, how could I have forgotten the pain of that day? Now the need for screws, grafts, and what not comes clear, it isn't just limping from an old injury and being too heavy, there was a direct assault on the foot.

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