Monday, February 4, 2008

Visibility Zero

2 hour delay last Friday, ice and snow, mainly ice, today it is warm and there is so much fog we have a two hour delay for fog!
I got to go sit for the preschooler Saturday evening and we had a great time. After a light dinner, we watched the fox and the hound, version 1, when scarey things were about to happen, H would assure me that all was well, that Copper still loves Todd no matter how it looks, and he rushes upstairs to go to the bathroom and to fire his lasers. That is his new way of dealing with "bad". He has gotten invisible lasers from Buzz Lightyear and fires them when he is a bit frightened. Evidently this is getting him in trouble at daycare..invisible lasers. ... ???? He quickly fires those elbows with sound effects, great imagination.

Daughter and SIL went out for an adult dinner with friends, what followed for daughter was food poisoning, she had a miserable night and morning. Clam sauce with fresh clams in central Illinois? maybe not.

It's off to the shower for me. Later.

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