Sunday, April 8, 2007

Spring Break Ends

A week of babysitting for a charming boy who is really the smartest and the cutest boy on the planet is how I spent my spring break. The only thing that went wrong was the weather! I did not take jeans or a coat---big mistake. We were trapped inside by below freezing temps day and night all week. He really was lovely all week until Saturday morning when he knew it was Daddy's day to stay home and he fell apart. Amazing how they have that clock inside them that tells them the weekly schedule. Henry builds towers and castles and lines up his big sized-trucks in long trains where he plays totally involved for long periods of time. I took along art supplies this time and did a few, very few drawings, including some handmade cards for my granddaughters who live in the wild west.

On the way home, I listened to Mahmet Oz interview an amazing man on contemplative prayer. father or brother Richard Rohr. I am ordering some books or CD's for us. I recommend listening to him for anyone on a spiritual journey. Usually I don't like how sessions on Oprah and Friends repeat, but I am looking forward to listening to Rohr again this week on my way to work. Of course, this will be the time I don't hear a repeat!

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