Tuesday, June 24, 2014

With Bated Breath

   I have started the totally on-line application for the final teaching license of my career. With my past experience with online re-licensing-- I may suddenly be retired by machine. Just signing up, doing all the security questions, picking a name, a password, oh lordy lordy another password. should I photo it and save it on the phone? Right now it's just on paper. I have all my paperwork in the car in my Hello Kitty binder! Cute huh? but unforgettable, as long as no one comes by and burns the car to the ground before I get this done! I easily play on the computer, but for something as important as this, I'd rather deal with a human being. I like to check out at the grocery store in a line with a human being, I like to go in and renew my license plate with a human, and our License branch is fabulous-- I got signed up on Medicare and social security sitting with a human being-- I like that! My CPR card may arrive in the mail and, I hope, it is the last bit of info I need. I didn't think it would take this long to arrive.
   The middle chunk of my day will be with the dentist, I need a filling AND a new crown... I do not dread this as I dread on line re-licensing! Isn't that funny?

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Richard Holland said...

Did you get it done without unwittingly switching your citizenship to Canadian?
I got my photo ID renewed this way. I call it my "walking license" because it's like a drivers license — and costs $24.oo — but only allows me to walk around with proof of identity.
That is so "Big Brother" that it seemed only appropriate to do it by computer.