Monday, January 21, 2013

Inauguration Day--MLK jr Day

More history being made today. I am grateful, I have high hopes for the next 4 years. I found the last 12 years from horrifying to disappointing. The determination of the the republicans to completely stop any progress has been stultifying. Maybe, just maybe, they can reach back across the aisle and relearn to compromise.
I am home, my eyes cannot leave the screen. A much older man is taking office today than four years ago. The weight of the world is so heavy, the crowd is fabulous! Maybe at the end of this term I can retire and not be afraid.
I remain stunned by the hatred that rears it's ugly head every day on facebook. I never really thought I'd find my blog a safer place to have an opinion.

4 years later and hate has elected a thug, a sexual predator, possibly a puppet of Putin, my country expressed its hate and prejudice, another MLK Jr. weekend. Facebook is worse than ever.

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Richard Holland said...

The next four years will see big changes in your life, whatever Congress does. Perhaps they will not make things worse — if that's not too much to expect? My grandest hope is just for stability; no unpleasant, man-made surprises.