Saturday, June 4, 2011

Long Time

Things are so bad in Indiana with our governator on a full out attack on public education that I am actually starting to think about retirement. In the recent past I was all-- 67 to 70yrs old before I retire-- (Late starter) Now if we elect one more public education hating gov I am thinking retirement may be much closer- like as soon as I qualify. Since I have had weight loss surgery, all aspects of my physical life are so much better that I could even consider teaching until aged 70, that is how good I feel. Now something else very interesting has come up and it is making my look forward to retirement instead of fearing it. There is a sweet little storefront for sale in law daughter's tiny town with a possible apartment upstairs. The space is completely raw and beautiful. Think of any cool coffee shop with brick walls and light flooding all the way to the back. there you have it, upstairs and down. The ideal home for 2 artists-- a studio down (must have a biz biz on the main floor) You can do that very thing in many places, but this happens to be within spitting distance of the two youngest grandsons--

Could I have little art workshops for kids? Could I make giant papier mache' monsters or have paintings on an easel and not have to worry about space? It sounds heavenly. Larry really feels like he can still do the plumbing it needs and that is really my only hold up-- that and I need my knees replaced and there are stairs, but the new stairs are a rather gentle angle and the people I know with new knees are skipping around my building and or hopping on tractors farming and loving the knees. I did take dibs on the windows up front! I have even thought of a name and then someone else improved that-- I dream about furniture arrangements in the loft style living space with 20ft ceilings-- and yes, room for a loft for the boys to sleep over--

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