Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back to School

School has been in session for two weeks and it has been wonderful. Next week I introduce our second projects in my art classes and the first ones have gone well. Afternoon classes are large, morning classes are tiny. Our class sizes are determined by the music the students choose so we can have a ridiculous bursting at the seams class after lunch, not even enough seat, and an embarrassingly tiny class in the morning. Only music people can rearrange anything. We lost a subject out of our rotation so our related arts grading period has finally aligned with with academic schedule, 9 weeks. that lets me bring some art projects back on line that I had to shelve when we switched to 7 weeks. This is a good thing for me. We have a new tech teacher who has dropped out of administration after 24 years and he is terrific, plus one can ask him a question based on his years as principal and assistant principal and get good thoughtful answers.

A wonderful thing for me and for my students is that I got to order clay this year. Happy days in 8th grade! I am looking at an artist named Romero Britto for some really fun ideas, I ended up buying a 2011 calendar at a normal price, his 2010 calendars are 200 and 300 dollars. Who knew? Also got a childrens book he did with wonderful happy illustrations. Now, to develop the project. I do not think I will be cutting this calendar into pieces!

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