Thursday, June 17, 2010

Knee Update

My meniscus is tearing and will continue to do so as there is no cartilege in my inner (weight-bearing) portion of my knee. I am to the point where, when I can no longer stand it, the knee or knees will need to be replaced. The loss of 140lbs has certainly relieved pressure on the knees but cannot actually repair them. I got some really specific directions for exercise, I particularly wanted to know what not to do, my step ups? yes, but only one step not two, never squats and lunges, and some machines are a no. Keep on swimming, that is the best thing. In the tall lanky family of my birth these knees are called the Stewart knees, prone to problems. I will just keep living my life until I can't do daily things and the pain becomes too bad. The doc said aiming for 65 is not a bad goal. I will be 63 this summer.

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