Monday, May 18, 2009

short post

I am just a few days over 3 months out from surgery, down 53 1/4 lbs and feeling good. Maybe it is all the protein I am getting, but my hair and nails are actually better right now. Hmmm. mysterious. I have learned to get down the 2 TBL of cher amino a day as well as two scoops of EAS whey protein powder in my morning milk. I am running down through old clothes pretty quickly and some of the baggy ones I wear right now look a little sad. I will have to give them up soon. This is just a tiny report from the world of bariatric surgery.


james said...

a good alternative for protein intake are POWER CRUNCH BARS made by bnrg. they are 100% natural and an excellent low calorie, low sugar bar, with no sugar alcohols. they come in 7 delicious flavors.
they are personally my favorite protein bar on the market, just want to recommend them!

blogmom said...

I;ll try those when my stomach is ready for crunching, in fact something crunchy would be fantastic, I will be looking for those bars.