Sunday, April 19, 2009

Not Necessarily Reading Material

Thought I'd record a weird dream to the best of my memory. I dream in full color. My dream last night seemed to be a continuation of a dream from the night before, but now that I am awake, I am not so sure. Leah and I were on a walking trek through some countryside, quite beautiful with a tiger on a slim rope. The tiger would sleep right next to us at night but did not seem to be threat. Then one night the tiger was leaning on me while we were trying to sleep on the ground and we knew it had become dangerous so Leah cut its throat. We then laid it on a narrow platform and took everything wooden we possibly could out of a nearby and very familiar house and built a funeral pyre for the tiger. It seemed to be a very lengthy process to collect enough wood to cremate the entire tiger which was unusually long. There was a crowd scene that followed that I do not remember very well. This dream was saturated with color and I had not taken anything to help me sleep. I also slept all night, though climbing all over that house in every nook and cranny collecting wood, there were no sticks outside, was exhausting. Much of my view of this dream was aerial.


Katie Schwartz said...

Vivid dream you had there. I've had dreams that were continuations of the previous night's dream. Did you pick up where you left off the night before?

I wonder what the wood was about?

I wish I knew more about dream interpretation.

blogmom said...

I have had so many strange but famliar house dreams that I wonder what the tiger means, and a funeral pyre? Never did that before.

dondi said...

I found this interesting:

It sounds exactly like how the Tiger acted in your dream. I also have strange/familiar house dreams. They always seem to correspond to when a change is happening in my perspective. Perhaps your mind was letting go of something it knew was dangerous but didn't want to act on until now?

blogmom said...

I think you might be right, and I am going through a lot of changes right now.